Things Holding Your Website Rankings Back

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You may have paid a bundle for your beautiful website, but underlying issues could be preventing you from placing on the first page of SEO results. Many businesses do not know the difference between the aesthetics of an SEO-friendly website and a visibly pleasing one.

It’s difficult enough to get your website ranked on Google. Likewise, improving your SERP ranking might be challenging, especially if you’re in a highly competitive digital marketing world.

In this write-up, we’ll answer some of the questions you may have and provide you with some tips along the way.

#1. Low Content Quality
The quality of your website’s content is crucial to its search engine rankings. You won’t be able to rank on Google or other search engines unless you have high-quality content that users are looking for. If you’re just creating content for your digital content marketing, that isn’t solving user’s problems, answering their questions, then it’s worthless!

Writing thin content that does not fully fulfil what a visitor is looking for is a proven reason to keep your website’s ranks low. If you are going to give your expertise on a topic, you must demonstrate to both users and search engines that you are an expert on the topic.

#2. Content Structure
You don’t want to have too many pages on the same matters because this might lead to keyword cannibalism and a confused Googlebot that can’t figure out which sites should be shown on a SERP. The simplest option to organize your content is to choose themes, web design and target keywords for landing pages.

#3. Poor Quality Backlinks
Backlinks are the cornerstone of every successful piece of content. You want backlinks as votes of confidence from other internet sites when you write high-quality content.

No one can deny the value of backlinks, whether you are a local business collaborating with a non-profit and seeking respectable backlinks or creating a how-to post linked to by other similar firms.

#4. Underdeveloped On-Page Optimization
On-page SEO is vital to improving the visibility of your website. You must verify that your page(s) are appropriately optimised for a target keyword, that they give relevant information to consumers, and that they load quickly.

On the surface, you must verify that your website and pages are optimised. If your website is not optimised for what your firm does, you will be dissatisfied with the outcomes of its Google rating.

Here are the major areas on each page where you should focus your keyword optimization efforts:

  • Meta description
  • Description (meta)
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.).
  • Content.

#5. Poor Technical SEO
When it comes to your website’s Google rankings, technical SEO is an important component of the puzzle. You may encounter problems if your website is not technically sound. Whether it’s a crawlability issue or a lack of key elements, your SERP ranking might be harmed.

Wrap – up
There are a number of reasons that can be holding your website rankings Back and they may be static or not as high as you would want.

Make use of the tools listed above, as they will assist you in fixing and solving some of the issues your site may be experiencing, as well as allowing you to inspect your website’s Google rankings.

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